By installing solar for you home, you could be saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bill every year. By year three, you will likely have paid for your solar system with the money you have saved! That’s a pretty impressive return on investment. From then on, all that saved money is yours – that’s hundreds of dollars in your pocket every year. Solar is a no brainer - and it’s a great thing for the environment too.

Installing solar is easier than you think – and we make it even easier with our “five steps to solar” and our unbeatable customer service

STEP 1: Call us today! Simply dial 1800 669 765 for your FREE consultation.
STEP 2: Choose your package We can help you decide on the best package for you when you call and you can also check out our incredible solar package specials here. We will get all the details we need during the call and send the completed documentation to you to approve and sign.
STEP 3: Choose your installation date Tell us the most convenient time to install your system.
STEP 4: Install and testing We get your solar system up and working!
STEP 5: Enjoy! Sit back and enjoy the savings, along with our ongoing monitoring and support.

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